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Building A Better Teacher September 21, 2012

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The  article entitled “Building A Better Teacher “ is very interesting to me for a few reasons. I am on my way to becoming  a teacher so its very interesting to read about things that happen in the classroom, outside of the classroom and all the problems teachers can encounter with there students on a daily basis. This article starts off talking about the No Child Left Behind act, which is a big problem. President Bush helped by giving money and arranging for ways for students to not be left behind. For example the article talks about bringing in Phonic which is a great way for students to learn and it is very important to put in your curriculum. Lemov went around to different school’s to see how the students were doing and when he went to this one school in New York he was shocked to see the students tests scores. He says that the teachers cared about the students but what was the real problem here? The real problem is what he states in the following sentence ; “Students disobeyed teachers’ instructions, and class discussions veered away from the lesson plans.” This worries me when I become a teacher because how do you really keep your students interested all the time? How do you know they are listening and really learning from you. These students tests scores are so low there school was on the edge of being closed down. Joel Klein says ” If we don’t change the personnel. all we’re doing is changing the chairs.” This is very true because I know from being in schools I have had teachers who have been teaching for ten plus years and they didn’t teach me anything. I think brining in fresh new teachers can benefit the students and help them in doing well on state exams.

In conclusion I think it takes a lot of practice and hard work to be a good teacher. A teacher is so important and makes an impact on many students lives. I think to be a good teacher you must be willing to strive to be the best you can be and work extremely hard.


One Response to “Building A Better Teacher”

  1. stonej50 Says:

    When the blogger asks how can we keep our students interested and know that they are paying attention, I feel that the best way is to constantly have an engaging classroom where the students are getting involved and feeling comfortable in the classroom. The students need to be interested in what they are learning and I feel that a good way to keep the students attention is by doing hands on activities and having the students involved. That can help make for a successful classroom.

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