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Using Design for Learning: Meeting the Needs of All Students September 30, 2012

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The article written By: Patti Ralabate and American Speech-Language-Hearing Association caught my attention because I still have fear of going into special education but after reading this article it made me realize how rewarding of a job it really is. Its a very difficult job but its still something I have interest in. 

Universal Design for  Learning “provides the opportunity for all students to access, participate in, and progress in the general-education curriculum by reducing barriers to instruction.” Katherine is a women who works in the classroom with the students instead of pulling them out of the classroom. I was in third grade when I had an IEP and I was always pulled out of the classroom, I hated it because it made me feel stupid. Katherine works with the children and just modifies the lesson for that particular student. These students have all different kinds of strengths and weaknesses like the article states for example, “emotional or behavioral challenges, autism, attention deficit,” and much more. Digitalized texts also became helpful for students because they were able to highlight text, bold it, make it bigger and translated for them. UDL learners are learners who become self sufficent and they are able to access there own learning. 

I like how students with special needs aren’t pulled out of the class, and with UDL they are able to do more things on there own. The teacher work to meet the needs of all students. They understand that all students learn at different levels and they might need to do scaffolding with some students within there classroom. 


2 Responses to “Using Design for Learning: Meeting the Needs of All Students”

  1. stonej50 Says:

    I also want to become a special education teacher so I can relate to this post. I think it is so important for classrooms to be inclusive as opposed to pulling specific students out for extra help. By having inclusive classrooms it doesn’t make the students feel stupid or like they are being singled out for needing the extra help. The UDL concept is very important as well because it shows that not all students learn the same way. The teacher needs to use different teaching and learning styles in order to accommodate all different types of learners and students.

    • As part of my major I am getting a certificate to be able to teach special education. LIke you I am terrified as to what I will experience but my mother has been a special education teacher for twenty six years now and I have had the chance to observe as well as student teach inside her classroom. The students are so welcoming and loving that it is hard not to love being in that environemnt. They are regular kids and students just with learning disabilities they should be encouraged to work hard and try their best. Even if some days are repetative and they will be the teacher should never give up. It is even more important that the student never gives up on themselves. That is why I liked how the students with special needs aren’t pulled out of the class, and the UDL are allowing the students to do more things on there own. This will make the students feel important and boost their self esteem because they are beign independent learners and not being so dependent on the teacher. It is crucial that the teacher works to meet the needs of all students and understands that all students learn at different levels.

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