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No More Facebook October 2, 2012

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When I first read the assignment, I was actually kind of excited to stay off Facebook for a week, but I thought it’d be hard. Surprisingly, it actually hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would have been. I would always just go on Facebook when I was really bored, but instead of Facebook I just use Twitter and Instagram more now. The only serious problem I ran into has been the fact that not all my friends and family use Twitter, but most of them use Facebook so it’s easier to communicate with them through that.  However, during this time I haven’t been able to communicate with them through Facebook. There was a time when I was watching my sister’s soccer game on tv and I wanted to tag her on Facebook but I couldn’t. She doesn’t use Twitter so I wasn’t able to tag her through that.

None of my friends or family have said anything to me about not being on Facebook for this time, but I did explain to everyone that I couldn’t go on it for a week. I will say, I am anxious to see if I’m going to have a lot of notifications or friend requests when I do return to Facebook.

I have a smart phone, so I have the app right on my phone, but I just moved it to the last page and I haven’t been tempted yet. I would just delete my Facebook altogether but I feel somewhat distant from the world by not having that social network communication.


One Response to “No More Facebook”

  1. danberenato Says:

    FaceBook was definitely hard to stay away from for a week. I immediately deleted the application from my iPhone because I habitually tap it every other minute. I am in a Fraternity and the main source of notifications is through our Group on FaceBook, so it was harder to stay away. I found myself almost going through FaceBook withdrawal,” searching my phone trying to find the icon. My alternate method of communicating was texting, which I ended up getting more worthwhile conversation and made things happen quicker than usual. I was alright living without FaceBook for a week but I don’t think I’d be able to last longer on my own accord.

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