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Separating Professionalism and Privacy October 6, 2012

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When it comes to hiring in education, teacher candidates have been constantly judged by their Facebook profiles. On one end, it is up to the user what information is displayed to whom, but it is important that we as teachers take our social media lives in moderation because it could affect us professionally. Teachers or potential teacher candidates are held to a higher standard when it comes to being a role-model. A simple thing such as an opinionated post, a picture of a teacher holding a red solo cup  or liking a post during work hours could endanger your job. It only takes one person to notice before a situation explodes. Where do you think a line should be drawn when it comes to teachers and social media? I believe it is our responsibility to moderate our behavior on these sites, but at the same time it is disappointing to see how much your personal life can affect your profession.


One Response to “Separating Professionalism and Privacy”

  1. sishol09 Says:

    Social media is beyond crazy nowadays. I know many teachers who have things on facebook and they shouldn’t. What is going too far? Thats a great question. How do we focus on the important aspects of social media instead of the bullshit that is posted.

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