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The Trouble with Tablets October 6, 2012

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Technology in the classroom is advancing. In an educational article about the current state of tablet integration in the classroom, Christopher Dawson speaks of the realities in cost, effectiveness, and limitations that leave the tablet in dissonance with normal routine. Tablet-based learning is an interesting concept to get students interactively involved in learning and immersed in digital technology. The potential outcome is a nice thought to imagine; a classroom linked through an application on a tablet using multimedia to solve problems and discover solutions, but the costs are tremendous. One Apple iPad costs around $399, not including the necessary professional training, the Internet bandwidth upgrades, and security systems. Many teachers also find technology to be a distraction in the class (see cell phone), and there will have to be proper actions taken so tablets do not follow the same path. In Dawson’s interview with The Mac Observer, he explains the bane of technology in K-12, a curriculum focused on “standardized test scores and proscribed curricula from publishers, states, and local decision-makers.” The bottom line is that tablets can not start a digital-learning revolution until the framework of curriculums go through evolution.


One Response to “The Trouble with Tablets”

  1. sishol09 Says:

    I agree! I think allowing a tablet in class or a laptop can effect students learning. I know when I am in a class and there is a computer in front of me all i’m thinking about it wanting to go on there and do something that has nothing to do with class. I also understand what your saying about the cost. The Ipad is so expensive and most can not afford one, also students are not going to sit in class with it and only use it for class. I think technology is getting in the way within the classroom, what ever happened to writing everything in your notebook with pen and paper. I don’t think using tablets in the classroom is a way for students to learn i believe it is a distraction in the least.

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