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Identity in Writing October 7, 2012

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Identity plays a big role in writing. Who you are determines what you write. Also, what type of space you write on explains your identity. If you are writing on a space like Facebook or Twitter, it can say that you have the identity of a writer where you want people to see what you are saying. The identity of a writer is important because it shows expression. Writers may prefer to specifically write about one topic. For example, as a writer, my identity is writing with emotion. I tend to write everything based of emotion and experience rather than factual evidence and research. Overall, a writers identity is one of the most important things that shines through in the work.


2 Responses to “Identity in Writing”

  1. I agree that there is an identity in writing. However, I believe I have many different types of identities based on what writing space I am using. For example, on Facebook I have a laid back type of identity because I am writing to my friends. If I am on twitter, I also have a laid back personality but I am also somewhat professional because my teachers follow me. Additionally, since Twitter helps connect to businesses. When I write for school, I am completely professional because it is graded word. However, I have found myself being a sarcastic writer in creative writing. So while the authors identity and personality does show through their writing, it depends on what kind of writing it is.

  2. danberenato Says:

    I agree with both of you. I believe that there are certain conventions and norms in online writing communities that we as writers need to pay attention to as well, like using hashtags on twitter or developing conversations with our readers on WordPress. Every word is going to be interpreted by the audience, and will lead to judgment. It is ultimately up to the writer how project themselves, but it is important to understand how the community works.

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