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Prezi Rough Draft October 15, 2012

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Here is the rough draft of my Prezi. The layout is finished, I just need to go in and add the voice over now. My narrative will read as follow:

Writing is so different today than it was many years ago. Today, writing is composed of many different elements. Bolter talks about writing spaces and how when you write on an electronic space, it is much easier to alter and change. In the past, writing was simple. It was simply meant to express ideas and get information out there. Now, writing in different spaces means different things. For example, if someone was to write on a social network such as Twitter or Facebook, they may be writing for the purpose of talking to their friends or getting a short message out. Twitter only allows you to post a certain amount of characters and when you do post, anyone on the web can see what you wrote. Therefore, people who use sites such as Twitter or Facebook are more cautious of what they write, because anyone can see it. If you are writing on a something like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, you may be the only person to see the writing. You can choose to share the writing with viewers if you please or just keep it private for only yourself to view.

Writers must now be aware of all the new evolving technology. There are so many ways to use different writing spaces now. It is much more complex. Before, it was just simple and writers used spaces just to write and get their points across. Now, there is the internet, which can get your writing out into the world in a split second and once it’s there, it is there forever. Some writers may write just for themselves and not want their work to be so public. But with the new writing spaces such as WordPress, the work can be posted in an instance and reach worldwide within minutes.

Little skills are required now because all the programs basically do most of the work for you now when it comes to grammar and spelling. If something is spelled wrong, the program usually marks a red squiggly line under the word, and sometimes even corrects it for you without your choosing. If there is a grammatical error in your writing there will be a green squiggly line under the mistake. Because everything is mostly computer based now, the skills that would be required would be basic knowledge of using a computer and understanding how to use the resources that the programs offer. For example, if you are using Google Docs and want to share your work with others, you would have to have knowledge of how to share it with others by tagging them.

The space itself impacts the writing tremendously. As I previously explained, when there are grammatical or spelling errors, most programs usually correct the errors for you, or let you know that you have errors. Also, in cases like Twitter or Facebook, you can only post so many characters, so it affects what you say and how you express it. Using abbreviations and slang terms on Twitter and Facebook become popular.

Writing in the future will be completely different. Dick Hardt talks about identity and how identity plays a huge role in writing. Identity is who we are and what we have to offer. In the future, writing will have much more to offer. Since technology is constantly changing, that changes who we are as writers. I think that pretty soon we won’t even have to type out what we want to say, but rather speak it and the device does the rest of the work for us. We are already on our way to that because there are programs like that. In the future, there will be no more keyboards and everything will become voice powered.


One Response to “Prezi Rough Draft”

  1. sishol09 Says:

    Your prezi look really good! I like what you used for future writing 🙂

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