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The Future of Digital Children’s Books October 23, 2012

The article, “The Future of Digital Children’s Books,” actually came as a surprise to me, as I continued reading through because I just assumed that digital books, in general, would be more preferred than regular paperback books. With all the new technologies, like cellphones, tablets, laptops, etc. that almost every person in the world owns and/or uses, I was expecting to read about how the future of digital children’s books is rising tremendously. The two important points that Tara Lazar describes about the problems that come along with digitalizing books, are how poorly imagined they could be, meaning that one function could do two different things, which could frustrate a child reading, and the other focusing on how the timing of stories can change, due to the vertical orientation of e-readers. Digital books are very hard to promote and sell, and Williams-Ng warns, “You need a hardcopy book to sell the digital book,” because the classic books are the only ones selling, but if new publishers do want just digitized books, they must think about interactivity at the very start of their creative process. No matter what the future may hold for digital books, people are always going to continue to read and write, which will hopefully benefit, as long as companies continue making new technological reading gadgets. 

      Tara Lazar has a great insight into the future of reading and writing, and she would be a great person to follow and learn interesting new topics of today’s education world.