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Gifted students in the classroom September 22, 2012

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When teaching in an elementary classroom, I am going to have all different types of students. I plan to teach special education in an inclusive classroom, which opens up the door for more chance of gifted students to be in my classroom. Having a gifted student means that the student may be exceptionally smart but have social and behavioral issues. Chandra Moseley, mother of a gifted child, talks about the positives and negatives of having a gifted daughter. She talks about how when her daughter, Nya, colors, if she draws outside of the lines she gets very frustrated and freaks out.

Gifted students tend to want to be perfectionists. Nya’s teacher, Brenda Natt, always cuts the erasers off the pencils in the classroom for the students to teach them that it is OK to make mistakes and that not everything always has to be perfect. This is important for me in the future because I need to realize that there are many different types of students that I will encounter in the classroom and need to learn how to deal with the differences and help students progress and succeed.