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Why the iPad should be used in Classrooms October 23, 2012

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Here is a blog that I wrote, on an article called, “Why the iPad Should be used in Classrooms,” by Vineet Madan. I know it seems a little funny to be a picture of my blog written on paper, but this is one of the requirements for a project in my Technologies and the Future of Writing class, in which I am analyzing a variety of different writing spaces, and of those spaces, I am composing 4 of my blogs in 4 different spaces. I hope that this picture and the text is legible. 


Identity in Writing October 7, 2012

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Identity plays a big role in writing. Who you are determines what you write. Also, what type of space you write on explains your identity. If you are writing on a space like Facebook or Twitter, it can say that you have the identity of a writer where you want people to see what you are saying. The identity of a writer is important because it shows expression. Writers may prefer to specifically write about one topic. For example, as a writer, my identity is writing with emotion. I tend to write everything based of emotion and experience rather than factual evidence and research. Overall, a writers identity is one of the most important things that shines through in the work.