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Reflecting back to Module 1 October 23, 2012

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I want to be completely honest with how I felt before, during, and after my Technologies and the Future of Writing: Module 1, tfwf12 The first day that I figured out that my first module was going to be on new technologies and how it will impact the future of writing, was very exciting and I truly thought it was going to be a piece of cake. But, like I said before, I am starting to realize more and more how much I really thought I did know, but really I don’t, and the amount of information and new skills that I had to learn within a few week period, was way too overwhelming. I noticed how many different technologies there really are, out in our world, during this module and it opened my eyes completely to how important and helpful it is to know what’s out there, that can make our lives so much easier. Now that the module is finished, I think to myself how much I wish that just this subject area could’ve been stretched throughout a whole semester on its own, because I would’ve loved to be able to learn more in-depth on each topic, and had more time to take it all in. But, it’s understandable considering that’s just how our world is growing with new things, and it taught me that I need to learn how to keep up with the pace of things because technology will probably never stop getting better and better, which will always bring something new. So, in conclusion, I enjoyed having the opportunity of gaining a brighter and bigger perspective for my future as a teacher, and the fast-growing world of technology, from an amazing professor, Bill Wolff, who truly enjoys and understands the subject, and keeps up to date with everything, to share his knowledge with others.


What Every Teacher Should know about Technology

 In the classroom, there is no escaping technology! But, according to the Ed-Tech professor, Bernie Poole, in his article, “What Every Teacher Should Know About Technology,” he writes, “Technology must be integrated effectively if it is to make a difference in the way teachers teach and students learn.” I think this is extremely important, and that every teacher should take this very seriously, and have a clear acknowledgment of it throughout their entire career. After reading through the article, I realized that I am not as “computer smart” as I may have thought, since there are so many specific skills that every teacher should acquire, if they want to be the best teachers. The majority of the technology-related skills, in which Poole covers, I know how to use successfully, but I know I must take all of them into consideration, if I want to be a good teacher and make a difference in my students’ lives. The technology-related skills include, proficiency in the use of productivity tools, troubleshooting problems, knowing where to find technical assistance, the wide range of Web resources related to the subject area, as well as Web searching skills, and most importantly, being open to learning new ways of doing things. Teachers have major responsibilities, and one of those, which I feel is most important, is learning the different ways that each and every one of your students learn, and the only way that this can be possible is by not only knowing what you’re teaching, but how you’re teaching and how you’re going to engage everyone.