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What Every Teacher Should know about Technology October 23, 2012

 In the classroom, there is no escaping technology! But, according to the Ed-Tech professor, Bernie Poole, in his article, “What Every Teacher Should Know About Technology,” he writes, “Technology must be integrated effectively if it is to make a difference in the way teachers teach and students learn.” I think this is extremely important, and that every teacher should take this very seriously, and have a clear acknowledgment of it throughout their entire career. After reading through the article, I realized that I am not as “computer smart” as I may have thought, since there are so many specific skills that every teacher should acquire, if they want to be the best teachers. The majority of the technology-related skills, in which Poole covers, I know how to use successfully, but I know I must take all of them into consideration, if I want to be a good teacher and make a difference in my students’ lives. The technology-related skills include, proficiency in the use of productivity tools, troubleshooting problems, knowing where to find technical assistance, the wide range of Web resources related to the subject area, as well as Web searching skills, and most importantly, being open to learning new ways of doing things. Teachers have major responsibilities, and one of those, which I feel is most important, is learning the different ways that each and every one of your students learn, and the only way that this can be possible is by not only knowing what you’re teaching, but how you’re teaching and how you’re going to engage everyone.